the list

When I was 17 years old I came up with a bucket list. One thing that resonated with me when I wrote it was a  more playful and wishful demeanor. It was me writing with hope and less expectation of those things coming true.

Had 125things I wanted to do. Some outrageous and some seemingly impossible like learning Chinese. But in one way or another it was me reminding my soul what I want.

So posts with the title B425 are more like stepping stones to items on my bucket list.

1.Register a Charity organisation

  1. Register a charity organisation
  2. Visit a huge zoo
  3. donate blood
  4. give money for ten days straight
  5. perform one of my peoms to a crowd ❤
  6. Sing a solo at church
  7. Spend a day doing absolutely nothing
  8. Spa treatment
  9. Get my license ❤
  10. Plant a tree
  11. Get a laptop <3, Ipad, pink notebook ❤
  12. Join the gym
  13. Donate clothes every two years
  14. Form an empowerment circle for girls
  15. write a book <3/ song ❤
  16. learn how to play piano/ guitar<3 +violin ❤
  17. learn and teach people how to bake
  18. Ride an elephant
  19. Go out on a picnic at night
  20. Learn how to surf
  21. Get a golden brown cat and pekingese dog
  22. Go bowling
  23. Make myself a charm bracelet and matching necklace
  24. Ride a dolphin
  25. Go on a rollercoater ride in GOLD REEF city
  26. Horse Riding
  27. Golf day
  28. Buy a house with a big backyard
  29. Grow a garden for herbs esp rocket
  30. Design a dress in khiba material
  31. site seeing somewhere in Botswana
  32. Skiing and taste snow
  33. Run a marathon ❤ ❤
  34. Go to test for my HIV status ❤ ❤
  35. Get a huge teddy bear ❤
  36. get a skate board and learn how to use it
  37. learn how to use a sewing machine
  38. Travel with a friend for a weekend
  39. Shopping spree for vintage clothes
  40. Learn how to swim
  41. Go bungee jumping
  42. Sky diving
  43. Tshirt in my own label
  44. change someones life
  45. say yes for an entire day ❤
  46. own an iphone 6s rose gold 🙂
  47. open an ice skating ring
  48. star gazing
  49. learn more about plants and animals
  50. Music boot camp
  51. get on a bus and just go somewhere
  52. Go on a road trip ❤
  53. Walk from Francistown to Gaborone
  54. Volunteer at a school with less privilidged kids
  55. spend the entire day with someone i love to bits
  56. Write a thousand poems
  57. Travel with all siblings and cousins
  58. Start a partnership
  59. Make a mural
  60. Take part in a play
  61. Knit a long colourful scarf
  62. Go hiking on table mountain
  63. Visit a weather station on a cloudy day
  64. Learn sign language
  65. learn Chinese ❤
  66. Buy a Mazda cx5 as my A-B
  67. Spend an entire day in  a great library
  68. Get a pair of red stilettos
  69. Window shopping in Paris
  70. Learn Ballet
  71. Hip hop dance lessons
  72. Learn how to oil paint
  73. Write an present a monologue
  74. Learn all the Setswana cow names
  75. Start a feeding programme for the poor
  76. Learn the ABCs of cars
  77. Make my own Jewelery
  78. DIY gifts for everyone in the family
  79. Scrap booking for an entire year
  80. sing for people in hospitals ❤
  81.  Visit an orphanage
  82. Learn about the stars
  83. Volunteer work around the world
  84. Live in another country for 2 years or more
  85. 1st airplane ride
  86. Climb mT Kilimanjaro
  87. Ride a limo
  88. Go fishing at sea
  89. Take a pic near the statue of liberty
  90. Make snow angels
  91. Buy an unexpected prezi for someone
  92. Write 12 books in a span of a year
  93. Write a memoir about my life
  94. Ride on an air balloon
  95. Shave my hair off for cancer
  96. Go shopping in Japan
  97. Buy mum cool prezi with first salary
  98. Head to toe outfit in blue ❤
  99. Buy myself an overall
  100. Eat an exotic fish ❤
  101. Buy a bouquet of flowers for a stranger
  102. Collection of shoes. one pair each
  103. Wrap a colleagues chair with toilet paper
  104. Test drive a top notch sports car
  105. Sleep ontop of a roof
  106. Go swimming in the arctic
  107. Have a huge book collection ❤
  108. Learn to dance like bollywood dancers
  109. Start my own blog ❤ ❤ 🙂
  110. Join a beauty pageant
  111. Go to disney world
  112. Learn more about PHILOSOPHY
  113. Build a tree fort for my siblings
  114. Play my violin at my own resturant
  115. Become a freelance wedding singer
  116. Learn how to read music ❤
  117. Learn Karate and Judo
  118. Parasailing in Cape town
  119. Make my own Bath salts
  120. Learn how to make perfumes
  121. Attend an open mike peotry session ❤
  122. Sponsor my little sister for piano lessons
  123. Date a deaf guy
  124. Msc in Finance or CFA
  125. 20 Self published books

Elsie Leonard